Saturday, July 27, 2013


Where you found flowers you will find love!

 flowers make all the difference

every party has to have flowers

 I love small flowerpots

different compositions

with the same elements

by Anna Biondo

Book publisher/Magia de ler

We have a partnership with Magia de Ler a publisher in Brasil super nice and full of stories and lots of information for kids.

 these are some of the characters of the stories

a lot of work

Here comes!
Dr. Glob
puppet finger

super soft

 really good friend



A lot of Lilas

 for christmas


Dr. Glob

christmas tree 
all handmade

Saturday, July 20, 2013


With Love

Onde tem cegonha, tem fofuras!!
Where there are storks, there are lovely little things!!


Estou chegando!
I'm coming!


Navy Bear 
with Love

Lovely Giraffes

Lovely Giraffes

Chubby bunnies

                                                         flower  honey   bees

Owls and birds

Eu amei fazer esse trabalho!
I loved doing this job!

Anna Biondo

Marias and hair clips/Maria das fivelas

Loucas por fivelinhas!
Crazy for hair clips!

 Marias by Anna Biondo

Cada cabelo de uma cor.
Cada cor tem um amor.

Each hair has a color.
Each color has a love.

Ninguem e' igual, todo mundo diferente!
No one is the same, everyone is different!

Adoro cabelo pretinho.
I love black hair.

Essa Maria adora usar coroa e muitas fivelinas!
Maria loves wearing a crown and many hair clips!

With Love

Anna Biondo